2016 Spring Summer Colour Trends Part 2

13th April 2016
True Colours For Life Blog: 2016 Spring Summer Colour Trends Part 2

So, in my last post I looked at two important colours for 2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity. All very summery. However, two more important colours which will be big this season are Peach Echo and Snorkel Blue.

peach echo

Peach Echo is “a shade that emanates friendlier qualities, evoking warmth and accessibility”. It will be wearable by Springs and Autumns alike, as (I am hoping!) there will be both softer and brighter versions of it available out there.
Springs could try combining it with Fiesta – (see below) to bring in some playfulness and vibrancy, and us Autumns almost always do well in a peach/salmon/teal combo.

snorkel blue
Snorkel Blue (not to be confused with Scuba Blue from last season!), is a maritime inspired blue and is actually closer to the Classic Blue we saw a lot of last year. This is an interesting colour in that it is possibly, with care, wearable by all the seasons. This blue is not a million miles away from the Marine Blue in our Autumn palette (often blue-eyed Autumns rock this colour), nor is it far away from the Bright Navy of the Spring palette. Summers and Winters are often so good in blues that they can ‘cheat’ a little, so although this blue may not be the ideal blue for either of those two seasons, there will definitely be cooler versions of it which they can wear perfectly well.
Remember to just employ the principles of your palette when combining colours – Summers team with softer colours (you could try a watermelon with this blue – your nearest shade to the peach echo mentioned earlier), and Winters go for brighter combinations with more contrast (blue and white is always lovely and summery).

So, although the emphasis has been mainly on calming, soft colours, there are also some vivid, bright ones in there, moving us towards fun, excitement and optimism. These next four are particularly appropriate for those rare (special!) people out there with Spring colouring. I always feel a bit sorry for Springs, as they are few in number (only about 6% of our clients turn out to be Springs), and almost certainly have the most difficult-to-find colours in their palettes, apart from the inevitable bright coral which seems to appear every spring time in the shops. So, I’m happy to say – Springs – this is your year!

As well as being able to wear the Peach Echo and Snorkel Blue mentioned in the last post, there are four more colours around this year for you to enjoy!

We have Buttercup (what a lively, optimistic colour this is!) – perfect for a Paintbox Spring

buttercup 2







Limpet Shell – a lighthearted, warm blue just begging to be combined with the Buttercup or Snorkel Blue

limpet shell 2







Fiesta – a wonderfully vibrant hot orange – great for Springs and also wearable as an accent colour by Autumns







Green Flash – similarly, this is great for a Spring or a vibrant Autumn (Spring’s Leaf Green and Autumn’s True Green)

green flash








To round up the 2016 palette, we move back to two more calming, soft colours, both ideal for Summers.

These are Iced Coffee (Winters can wear this as it goes more towards taupe). Autumns and Springs may find warmer versions of it more like the toasted almond which was around last year. Summers, just make sure you beware of beige! );

iced coffee








And Lilac Grey. I think this is a gorgeous colour and Summers will look amazing in it. It is the exact colour of my incredibly ancient running fleece and makes me look like I need admitting to hospital , but for Summers it is a very versatile and interesting colour and will combine beautifully with soft dusky pinks, greys, white and navy.

lilac grey






This season’s losers really do seem to be the Winters. Still, there’s always black I suppose….lol! 😉



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