How we work

We are an independent image consultancy which means we can be flexible, innovative, and client focussed in how we work. That means you can choose what’s best for you:

1. Who:

We are a team of three, with different strengths and personalities. So when you contact us we’ll talk about your particular needs and agree which consultant will be just right for you.

2. Where:

We usually see clients in our comfortable, contemporary Studio which is attached to a large Victorian house in Broomhill, Sheffield, S10. It’s a lovely, relaxing environment to spend time in. But if you need us to, e.g. for health or personal reasons, then we’ll come to you. We also deliver in-house training and workshops although some business teams prefer to come to us.

3. When:

We’re open Monday to Saturday, daytime and some evenings. Many clients take time out from work and come mid week when there is usually more availability at shorter notice.

4. How:

We offer 1to1, small group sessions of 2 or 3, and larger workshops, events and training sessions. Here’s a bit more information to help you choose the best option for you:

It works really well to come with friends…

For colour analysis, make-up lessons, and style consultations – we generally encourage friends or family to book together in small group sessions of twos or threes. This is because years of experience have shown that clients really benefit from seeing how it works for other people as well as for themselves. It’s also great to share the fun together.

Other clients prefer to come for a 1to1 session…

Some clients prefer an individual session which focus entirely on them – this is ideal if you would prefer more privacy, or can’t find a suitable date to share with friends. We can also combine different services like colour analysis, make-up and style into a 1to1 day – perfect if you are looking for a complete ‘makeover’ package. 1 to 1 consultations costs a little more because you have the undivided attention of one of our lovely consultants all to yourself.

Want something entirely bespoke…

We can expertly tailor a session to your particular needs – perfect if you are short of time or want to focus on a specific issue. Bespoke sessions are especially helpful if you want to focus upon making the most of your visual image for your business life. Or you might want help choosing an outfit for a special occasion or after a significant personal change like weight loss or gain.

5. A Special Experience

However you choose to come, we will do our very best to make your session a real treat. We respect the trust you place in us and always work in a positive, sensitive and relaxed way. – so that you feel at ease and really enjoy your time with us. You’ll relax in our Studio and be treated to lovely refreshments during your session.

We want you to leave feeling inspired, encouraged and special, equipped with all the skills and confidence you need to look great, each and every day.