Testimonials from Men

John, Professional Photographer

John came for a bespoke colour analysis and suit advice session.

“I really appreciated your insight, encouragement, warmth and expert knowledge. I’m really chuffed to now walk out with confidence and feel that I look much smarter and much more professional. And I feel a whole lot better for it.

I booked a session because I wanted to find out which colours suited me and badly needed some suit advice because I knew my current suits fitted really badly but didn’t know how to get it right. Jane was fantastic: the whole experience was really enjoyable and more than exceeded my expectations – she showed me how much better I look in cool, clear colours and gave me clear, simple advice on the right style of suit for me. It was a pleasure to go shopping for a suit straight after my session knowing exactly what I needed to be looking for and dare I say be one step ahead of the salesmen. Jane even gave a bit of extra advice by phone as I was making my choice – that’s great customer service”

Robert, University Lecturer

Robert came to see us because he wanted a more professional image to help him in his work and wanted to know how to look his best when out socially.

“This isn’t just a vain indulgence for movie stars. You’ll be surprised how much it can improve the life of an ordinary man like me, and in several different ways.
Shopping for clothes used to be a chore; now it’s a pleasure. I used to hate looking at huge selections of clothes, with little idea of what I should buy; now I can quickly dismiss most of them, saying “not my colour, not my style”, and go straight to what’s right for me. Clothes shopping is now more efficient: I spend less time doing it, but end up buying more, and I can have confidence in wearing what I buy.”

Anders Michael, Consultant

Anders came to see us as p[art of his business development strategy.

“Attending a Colour & Style Consultation with True Colours Image Consultancy taught me a lot of great principles that will shape my way of dressing in the future.”

I got help identifying the principles that really work for me personally when building my wardrobe, finding out which colours complement me and what style and cuts suits my shape. As an international consultant (Danish ethnicity/British resident) I spend much of my life in public and social space and it´s crucial to know how to dress in such a way that you feel at your best and at the same time dress for authority. Jane Fardon and Jane Chapman did an excellent consultancy job with me – and it was great fun too! All results were nicely filed and I received a colour swatch and notes so that I will never have to doubt any more what suits me when buying clothes. That´s a good investment and the consultancy will save me loads of money in the future as I make no more mistakes in the shopping arena.”

David, Occupational Therapist

“Since I had my colours done, choosing the right clothes is like painting by numbers. I now buy clothes in the right size and colours and feel much more comfortable in them, knowing I look good.”