Testimonials from Women

Rachel, Director and Consultant

Rachel was looking for a new professional, yet approachable, image to go with her new role. 
She initially approached us for advice on choice of colour for a new suit, but then opted for a
bespoke professional image day covering colour analysis, make-up style and wardrobe.

Having worn sober colour grey suits as a sort of ‘corporate uniform’ for the past ten years I felt I was really in a rut and needed major help to break out.  I felt really nervous about experimenting with new colours but after spending a lovely day with Jane Chapman I am a changed woman!  I feel so much more confident wearing colours which really suit me than I ever felt before wearing the traditional grey suit.  Shopping is so easy and much more fun now I know exactly which colours to head towards.  So if you are a colour coward like I was I can highly recommend spending some time with Jane.

Sarah, Third Sector Project Manager

Sarah had spent years struggling with her weight and had lost body and clothes confidence. 
A new, more high profile, job prompted her to come to us for a style and wardrobe session. 

Dressing stylishly when you are overweight and on a limited budget is a challenge. However, I kept waiting for my weight to change ( which wasn’t happening!). Jane reassured me that she could help me to look good now.

Jane helped me find ways that I can dress and accessorise my body so I feel great. Following her one-to-one I had the tools to go shopping and buy some key wardrobe items. I arrived at a business meeting the next Monday full of confidence at 6.45am. Which is nothing short of a wonder!

If you want to feel more confident and attractive in how you dress the body you have I would highly recommend the style-one-to-one.  The price tag is not small, but I know that I am worth the investment.

Kate, Fulltime Mum

Kate came to us because she felt stuck in a rut with how she lookedafter the birth of her children. 
She wanted simple, techniques that work for a busy mum and a new "look"that fitted her lifestyle.



I am loving the new me! Or rather the rediscovered and more finely honed me. I am getting loads of compliments and feeling fabulous. Thank again Jane, for 2 fabulously fun days.

Hazel, Retired

“You’ve given me the confidence and boldness to dress well every day and really enjoy looking my best. I loved the way you are pro-active and highly professional (and giving a lot of input in a short time) because that gave me the confidence to break out of the mould.

One person has said “You always dressed neatly, but now you dress interestingly!” I am often telling people my session, because they’ve noticed the difference it has made in my life. I grew up somehow with a feeling that looking your best was only for special occasions, not every day. So my best clothes were rarely used! Now it’s as if you’ve given me the tools to enjoy being creative in colour and style, and it’s opened a door to being more free to express myself.”

Maria, Working Mum

I came because I was entering a new phase, starting a new job, and wanted to look my best. I’d got into a ‘rut’ with how I was dressing and had started to look scruffy which I knew was not really me. Coming to see you [for colour and style] was brilliant! I discovered colours which I didn’t know suited me, and you’ve opened up lots of new possibilities.

I used to feel really negative about my body and thought I had a difficult body to dress but now I know what really works for me and makes me look good. You’ve given such a boost to my confidence and how I feel about my body and looks. Now I know how to look my best and dress like the real me!

I’ve now got a much smaller wardrobe of clothes which really work together and getting dressed for all sorts of occasions is so much easier. Shopping is easier and I’m saving money because I’m not making expensive mistakes.

I’d happily recommend True Colours to everyone. You are fantastic. You really boosted my confidence and self-esteem I just wish I’d done this years ago.”