Whatever your colour, sex, size or lifestyle we can show you how to look good, dress well and have your own personal style.

You’ll have heard the expression ‘show your true colours’. Put simply, that’s our vision – to give you the confidence and skills to look good every day so that the real you can shine through.

Many of us have concerns about how we look and dress that knock our confidence and limit us in all sorts of ways. We don’t want it to be that way for anyone.  We want every one of our clients to enjoy being who they are, relaxed and at ease with themselves. Wearing colours and clothes that help us look and feel good is key part of that.

What we do flows from our key beliefs and values, and we want you to know where we’re “coming from” at True Colours. We believe…

1. It’s what we’re like on the INSIDE that matters most.

Every man and woman has unique qualities that make them truly special. This sounds odd for image experts to say, but we mean it! And that’s really important to hang on to when so much around us in the media and fashion industries suggests that the opposite is true.

2. How we look on the OUTSIDE affects how we feel INSIDE.

So knowing how to look good gives us more confidence to let all that’s special and unique about us on the inside shine through.

3. You  have far more going for you than you think.

Looking good is all about making the best of how you’ve been made – your unique colouring, face, body shape and personality. We often struggle to see it for ourselves, especially when we stand in front of a mirror! Part of our job is to help you see and appreciate your assets; what’s already fabulous about your face and body.

4. Everyone can learn to look fantastic, each and every day.

It’s not a secret reserved for those with lots of money or special flair. We are experts at showing men and women how to dress well in colours, clothes and styles that bring out the very best in them. We’ve seen this time after time and love it when people grasp how fabulous they can look.

5. We’re on your side!

We’ve been there, and each have our own stories to tell.  So we empathise with your struggles and are confident that there is always a solution. We will help you feel more confident and special about the way you look.  We want you to, quite simply, enjoy being you – and that includes enjoying how you look and dress. Like it says in our strapline – “We want you to look in the mirror and smile”