Hazel, Retired

18th July 2013

You’ve given me the confidence and boldness to dress well every day and really enjoy looking my best. I loved the way you are pro-active and highly professional (and giving a lot of input in a short time) because that gave me the confidence to break out of the mould.

Although I was a bit nervous at first, it helped that there were 3 or 4 others doing it too, so it was fun as well as creative.

One person has said “You always dressed neatly, but now you dress interestingly!” I am often telling people about the course, because they’ve noticed the difference it has made in my life. I grew up somehow with a feeling that looking your best was only for special occasions, not every day. So my best clothes were rarely used! Now it’s as if you’ve given me the tools to enjoy being creative in colour and style, and it’s just opened a door to being more free to express myself.