Joanne, Solicitor

18th July 2013

The colour consultation helped me to identify the range of colours which suited me and my skin best and identify the best shade of foundation, blusher and lipsticks. I wasn’t entirely wearing the wrong colours before but I was certainly wearing some colours which didn’t suit my skin tone. Having a little book containing a swatch of the range of colours suitable for me now really helps me to choose the right colour clothing, particularly as I know exactly which my best colours are. I didn’t wear foundation before and only nude lipsticks and now I wouldn’t be without foundation and have the confidence to wear much brighter lipsticks!

The style consultation has helped me to realise what type of clothing suits me best; skirt and jacket length and the type of neckline of clothing which suits the shape of my face. The whole experience was really enjoyable and was made more so by sharing it with my best friend. Jane Chapman was very helpful, professional and approachable and gave us both really constructive advice.

I enjoyed both consultations as they were something special for me and so personal. I feel much more confident at home and particularly at work and I cannot believe how many people have noticed the change in me. Not everyone can quite work out what the change is but know something has changed! I have had more compliments in the last few weeks since my consultations than I have ever had before in my life.

I know that I am now wearing the correct make-up for my skin and clothing to suit my body shape. Jane has also given me advice on accessories which has made quite a difference to the outfits I wear. I have sorted out my wardrobes as Jane had recommended, and that has given me many more different outfits to wear. I really enjoy putting outfits together and wearing my clothing and I feel like a different person now.

The whole experience was so enjoyable and positive and everyone should do it because it is a real confidence booster. It has been a real benefit to my work because the new found confidence in my appearance helps me to deal more effectively with stressful and difficult situations in the workplace.