Kathryn, Pre School Teacher

18th July 2013

[My consultation] opened up a whole new world to me, it sounds a bit dramatic- but it did. It gave me loads of confidence I had never had before. We went to France on holiday shortly afterwards, and it was such fun browsing in the markets choosing chunky jewellery and things that accentuated my waist. Now when I put things on I have the confidence to know they work and know why. It also gave me the confidence to cleanse my wardrobe of everything that didn’t suit me.

I thoroughly recommend colour and style consultations for giving confidence”. It has altered how I think about myself. How I can put myself forward in a way I know is right. Both the Janes are so great – positive and upbuilding about who you are. They take the whole person and their lifestyle into account and work it all in. It was Christmas and birthday money very well spent – all in all, I’m a new woman!