Maria – Working Mum

18th July 2013

I came to True Colours because I was entering a new phase in my life, starting a new job, and wanted to look my best. I’d got into a ‘rut’ with how I was dressing and had started to look scruffy which I knew was not really me.Coming to see you [for colour and style] was brilliant! I discovered colours which I didn’t know suited me which I love, and you’ve opened up lots of new possibilities.

I used to feel really negative about my body and thought I had a difficult body to dress but now I know what really works for me and makes me look good. You’ve given such a boost to my confidence and how I feel about my body and looks. Now I know how to look my best and dress like the real me!

There have been so many benefits: I’ve now got a much smaller wardrobe of clothes which really work together and getting dressed for all sorts of occasions is so much easier. Shopping is easier too because I know which colours and styles of clothes look good on me and I’m saving money because I’m not making expensive mistakes.

I’d happily recommend True Colours to everyone. You are fantastic. You were so positive, sensitive and relaxed. You really boosted my confidence and self-esteem I just wish I’d done this years ago.