Men have their own clothing dilemmas and want to look good too…

You want to know how to choose clothes that suit you and work for lifestyle. You want to feel confident that you’re creating the right impression at work, and look current for leisure or a special occasion. You want to know how to shop well and have the confidence to try something new. You want to know how to put outfits together easily and effectively. You want proven techniques and advice that will save you time, money and stress for many years to come. You want to enjoy looking your best.

You’ve come to the right place! We’re expert at giving you the knowledge, skills and confidence to do just that!  We’ll show you how to make the best of how you’ve been made – your unique colouring, face, body shape and personality. And you’ll gain a whole new confidence and ease with how you look and dress.

At your Session

Our 1 to 1 Men’s Colour and Style session covers all the image skills you need to get it right every time.  It includes:

  • in-depth colour analysis –  identifying your range of best colours and neutrals, and giving clear guidance on how to wear them
  • face shape and build analysis
  • what styles, lengths and shapes of clothes most suit you (covers all key items – suits, jackets, shirts, trousers and leisure wear)
  • your best fabrics, patterns and choice of accessories
  • what “looks” best express your personality and lifestyle
  • how to get the perfect fit and check for quality
  • best ways to shop and build an effective wardrobe of clothes that works for your lifestyle

You take away a leather wallet containing your range of colours and an in-depth booklet containing your personal colour and style details.

Cost and Time

Price: £299, 4-5 hours

This is a one off investment to boost your clothes confidence and save you money, time and stress for many years to come!

Other options available

If you don’t want the whole 1 to 1 package, you can choose just one or two areas e.g colour analysis or work wear, through our bespoke service.

Include additional input on your personal branding and professional image through a bespoke package delivered by our business image expert, Jane Chapman. Click here.

Or, you might prefer a small group session for two or three men booking together.

Just contact us for more details.

Check out client testimonials if you’d like to know more.

Top Tip Men

3 is the "magic" number for how many colours to wear in an outfit.
  • One lacks interest, two is ok, but three colours work so well together.
  • Use differing amounts of each colour - two larger blocks and a much smaller amount of the third.
  • Try adding that third splash of colour in your tie, by using patterns or with coloured accessories like belts and casual shoes.