Spring/Summer 2016 Colour Trends Part One

9th March 2016
True Colours For Life Blog: Spring/Summer 2016 Colour Trends Part One

 I have chosen to write several posts about the latest colour trends so keep your eyes peeled – there will soon be more to follow! In this post I am going to introduce the ‘Colour of the Year’ (this year there are actually two of them), but will continue to explore more colours in ensuing posts.

As I write, there is snow on the ground outside, and I have got a blanket over my knees! So I was somewhat cheered by this quote from Pantone’s Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman;

“Colours this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of ourselves”

(I’m still working on the ‘witty’ bit, but I’m definitely up for some more sunshine!)

There is an emphasis on calming, tranquil colours in this year’s palette, and interestingly there are fewer distinctions between male and female collections.

The first big colour for 2016 is called Rose Quartz.

rose quartzA gentle, serene, delicate and soothing colour, this pretty shade is flattering and easy to incorporate into the wardrobe of any Summer. Whether you are a Sweet Pea (try doing a monochromatic blend with other, deeper pinks), or a Dark Smoky Summer (combine with deeper colours like burgundy and soft navy), it’s a great colour for you. Winters can also wear it by sharpening it up a little and teaming with deeper colours to increase contrast (eg aubergine).


rose and serenityPastel summers can have lots of fun combining Rose Quartz with the other Colour of the Year (see below)






The second colour we are going to be seeing a lot of is called Serenity, and is really best described as a version of Sky Blue.

serenitySerenity again brings a feeling of peacefulness, respite and transcendency – all a bit of a posh way of describing a haven from which to escape today’s busy, technological world.

Serenity is also quite a pastel-like sort of a blue – rather like a sky blue. It’s a very versatile colour for Summers as blue is almost always very wearable by all types of Summer. It can be successfully paired with Rose Quartz and other cool pastels, or again used in a monochromatic blend. There will be lots of it around this summer!

Once again, Summers will be the ones to benefit the most from a glut of these colours, but don’t worry the rest of you! My next post will look at more of this season’s colours (and this time, Springs, you are finally quite well catered for!!)


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