Testimonials from Business & Events

Presentation for Changing Faces, Yorks and Humber

Jane and Adelle very kindly agreed to attend a Beauty Inside & Out Day for our clients with a visible difference.  Their presentation was perfectly pitched and warmly received, the make overs were stunning.  It was fantastic day, enjoyed by all.  A huge thank you from the team.

Professional Image Day, part of a Career Development Programme

Feedback results – 91% excellent, 9% good.

Feedback from True Colours workshops

“Excellent…. really well put across…eye opening…..felt comfortable, very interested in everything covered…am coming away feeling and looking more confident and attractive…. definitely recommend it”

Tracy Croft, Learning and Development Manager, B. Braun Medical

“What a lovely way to spend some quality team-building time together! Take 12 women, start by talking about accessories, colour and style and then experiment with new, exciting styles of make up…. not surprisingly we had a wonderful time. Jane worked hard with our organiser to ensure the evening was exactly what was needed; relaxed, informative and enjoyable. I would encourage anyone to take part in one of your team building events.”

Joanne, Solicitor

I enjoyed both consultations as they were so personal and positive. I feel much more confident at work and cannot believe how many people have noticed the change in me. I have had more compliments in the last few weeks than I have ever had before in my life. I now enjoy putting outfits together and feel like a different person.  It has been a real benefit to my work because the new confidence in my appearance helps me to deal more effectively with stressful and difficult situations.

Fabulous You, fundraising event

“I was sure the mums would jump at the chance to have Sheffield’s much kinder answer to Trinny and Susannah give us inspiring style tips and challenge us to make the best use of what we have got.  The evening was all that and more and the feedback was 100% positive”. Faye

Colour and Style Presentation, for a Sheffield church

“fabulous and very enlightening.. so many helpful tips. Thank you for taking the time to come and remind us about celebrating who we are. We’re keen to get you back.”