True Colours For Life Blog: Wardobe Detox; Part 2. By Adelle

In my last blog post I wrote about the feeling of freedom which was generated by my rather dramatic wardrobe cull. It’s still there! And I’m pleased to report that it hasn’t made me want to instantly rush out to the shops and get more stuff to replenish.

Since September, I think I can honestly say (bad memory permitting!) that I have only bought two new things, and both were things I really needed. One was a skirt, which I had to get altered to fit, and one a warm, down-filled gilet (reduced to £15 at Land’s End, yay!).

I wanted to share ways of streamlining your wardrobe because I think it is helpful to be aware of what you have and what you need, so that it doesn’t reach the stage where it overwhelms you!

If you are going to have a sort out, a good way to start is to decide to put away items which you will not need for the next six months or so. If you have some storage space it is also a good idea to split your wardrobe into either two (summer and winter), or four (all four seasons) parts. This will instantly make the job easier and it can be tackled in sections.

Once you have put all the irrelevant clothes out of the way, then it is time to ask yourself the three questions.

  1. Do I NEED this? Obviously, ‘need’ is a word which is highly open to interpretation, but think about it logically – and remember to think about spending your money where you spend your time – obviously if you work full time then your biggest need will be work clothes, whereas if you’re home based your needs will be different.
  2. Does it LOVE ME? Does it fit and flatter me? This is a big one for me as most of the bottoms I buy do not fit off the peg and I therefore have to bunch them together with a belt (not a good look), or get them altered (usually not cheap). So I had to make the decision to get rid of quite a few things on the grounds of fit, or if they were right in every other way, commit to getting them altered.

    So think carefully – is the colour right for you? Does the style flatter your shape? If you’re not sure, getting colour or style analysis can be a massive help.

  1. Do I LOVE it? It’s really helpful to ask yourself this question when just about to buy. If you do not absolutely love it, then WALK AWAY! It’s a great way to make you think about what is actually YOUR style.

When you review your wardrobe like this it is also a good time to check what is worn out/needs repair/needs dry cleaning, etc. If you can get into the habit of sorting out and season-changing like this once every three months, then it will be a quick and easy process and won’t take ages like it did for me! (I think most normal people probably already do this but it was a revelation to me!:))

Try to resist the urge to shop unless you need to replace a worn-out item. It can sometimes be helpful to create a list of ‘go-to’ pieces and brands which suit you, and then keep an eye out for these in the sales to help with budgeting.

A good way to update or change an outfit inexpensively is to change your accessories  -this can give a totally different look!

Hope this is useful – do let us know how you get on, or if you’d like some help :)