True Colours For Life Blog: Wardrobe Detox; Part One. By Adelle

New year is often a time when we feel like we want to take stock, clear out the old and welcome in the new. My experience of this actually happened a while ago, but I thought you might appreciate reading it now, whilst the new year feeling is still fresh!

I have to give all credit to Anna Robinson for this post. It  was reading her excellent blog ( which inspired me to realise that although I am often employed helping other people review their wardrobes, it was suddenly a very long time since I had sorted out my own….

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I do know which colours and styles are right for me for my colouring, body shape and personality. It’s just that, being the ruthlessly nice person that I am, I seem to find it impossible to ever throw things away! So my wardrobe was looking a little tatty, and overstuffed to say the least.

I decided to tackle this problem after reading Anna’s blog about the familiar Western problem many of us suffer from of having too much stuff. I determined that I was going to employ a new ruthlessness and hone my wardrobe to a more manageable size. Some of you will be glad to hear that I didn’t quite achieve the 37 piece (including shoes!) minimalism which Anna achieved, but I did reduce the size of my wardrobe dramatically, and it felt AMAZING!

So, the method involved looking at all my clothes, and asking myself these three questions:

1.     Do I NEED it?

2.     Does it LOVE me?

3.     Do I LOVE it?

And if the answer to all of these was not a resounding ‘YES!’, then the item had to go.

I must confess that if I had instantly given away the mountains of garments that didn’t fit into the YES category, then I may have suffered wardrobe-panic-induced- cardiac- palpitations. So to soften the dismay, I decided to take an in-between step. Some items I was happy to give away on the spot (in fact, to be honest, it was a relief to give myself the permission !). The ones I was not so sure about, I packed up into bags and have put them in the loft where they are annoyingly hard to get at.

I am writing this several weeks later and I can honestly say that not only have I not missed those items one little bit, but I can’t even remember what I had in there at all!

So that just goes to show how much I actually needed them!

In the weeks that have passed since then, I have found it much easier to ‘work’ my wardrobe. I have come up with new combinations for outfits which I hadn’t considered before, and I feel like my own sense of style is more crystallised as all of the items I have left are ones which I love wearing (instead of just like a bit!).

And my wardrobe is much tidier too!

I have to admit, the freedom of getting rid of a load of stuff has been uplifting.!

In my next blog piece, I will write a bit more about how to achieve this for yourself, so keep your eyes open for the next post, and get ready to conquer your wardrobe!

In the meantime, please let me know if I have inspired you to have a clear out!