You’re probably looking at this page mindful of your own clothing dilemmas and style issues – just like every woman we’ve ever met, ourselves included.

Here are 5 key things we’ve learnt over the years, as we’ve worked with over a thousand women. It’s good news ….so read on before you jump into the services menu:

1. It’s what we’re like on the INSIDE that matters most,

and every woman has lovely, unique qualities that make her special. This sounds odd for image experts to say, but we mean it! And that’s really important to hang on to when so much around us in the media, fashion and cosmetics industries suggests that the opposite is true.

2. How we look on the OUTSIDE affects how we feel INSIDE.

So knowing how to look good gives us more confidence to let who we really are on the inside shine through.

3. You already have far more going for you than you think.

Looking good is all about making the best of how you’ve been made – your unique colouring, face, body shape and personality. The problem is that we often struggle to see it for ourselves, especially when we stand in front of a mirror! Part of our job is to help you see and appreciate your assets; what’s already fabulous about your face and body. Then we give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to dress in ways that let the real you shine through.

4. Every woman can learn how to look fabulous – each and every day

It’s not a secret reserved for women with lots of money or special flair. We can all learn to do it – whatever our age, size or stage of life. We are experts at showing you how to dress well in colours, shapes and styles that bring out the very best in you. We love it when each woman grasps just how fabulous she can look.

5. We’re on your side!

We’ve been there, and all have our own stories to tell.  So we empathise with your struggles and are confident that there is always a solution. We will help you feel more confident and special about the way you look.  We want you to, quite simply, enjoy being you – and that includes enjoying how you look and dress. Like it says in our strapline – “We want you to look in the mirror and smile”

Not sure where to start?

Start by looking at colour analysis, style, and make-up.  These cover the key building blocks for confident, stylish dressing.

Or call us if you’d rather start with an informal chat – it’s usually quickest to call on 07847 009154.


Top Tip Women

Want an easy way to add some extra style to how you dress every day?
  • Always remember the finishing touches when putting your outfit together!
  • Some make-up to enhance your own colouring, a few well chosen accessories that reflect your personal taste, and a good hairstyle that suits your face shape.
  • Do it every day, not just when you're dressed up for a special occasion.
It's easy finishing touches like this that can make all the difference between looking OK and looking fabulous!