Colour Analysis

Colour is always the best place to start!

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Some colours make you look fantastic, others drain the life from your face, and it’s different for each one of us.

This enjoyable and practical session removes all the guess work!

We’ll show you the range of colours which brings out the very best in your own natural colouring – enhancing and complementing your complexion, eye colour and hair colour.

You’ll be amazed at the difference wearing the right colours makes to how you look every single day!

Our expert colour sessions are so thorough and comprehensive that this really is a once in a lifetime investment. Our clients are always impressed by the depth of what is covered, and only wish they’d been to see us sooner!

1. The benefits….

  • Gain a whole new confidence with colour
  • Look and feel fabulous
  • Your colour wallet makes choosing the right colours easy
  • Get it right every time – no more expensive mistakes
  • Create a wardrobe of clothes where everything works together

2. At Your Session

We begin with a relaxing chat over coffee to make sure that you get the most from your session.  We discuss your particular needs and explain the theory which underpins colour analysis.

Then it’s time for your colour analysis.  This is an objective process that involves using coloured “test”drapes which have been carefully selected to identify the undertone, clarity and depth of the colours which most complement your own natural colouring. We use a proven seasonal approach to colour analysis because it is simple and effective for clients to use.  So we will give your range of colours a seasonal name like Autumn or Summer.   And it’s not just about us “seeing” it for you, we work hard to make sure that you can see and grasp the difference that the right colours make to how you look.

Here are two lovely sisters:Two Sisters Wearing Colour

Juliet suits the cool, clear colours of the Winter palette; Rosie looks fabulous in the warm, muted colours of the Autumn palette.

“Liberating, inspirational and worth every penny! I love it and feel fabulous” Rosie

We will show you:

  • the range of colours which works best for you (your seasonal group)
  • your key colour characteristics
  • your very best colours (we call these your “star colours”, and you’ll quickly see why!)
  • your best neutrals
  • your best metals for jewellery and other accessories
  • your best hair colours
  • your best make-up colours
  • the best way to wear your colours

The most important area to get your choice of colour right is around and on your face, so we also spend time showing you make-up which suits your unique colouring and makes you look fabulous in a very natural way. We:

  • match a foundation to your skin tone
  • select a blusher to give a natural colour to your complexion
  • select a range of lipsticks lipsticks perfect for you and your new colours.

We use lovely, tried and tested products from the Jane Fardon Cosmetics range which we stock.

You take away a beautiful leather wallet containing your range of colours, an information booklet with your personal colour advice and … best of all, the confidence that you look great. Watch out for those compliments!

3. Choose How You’d Like to Come

We suggest you link up with two or more friends or family members and have an exclusive joint session together. You’ll all really benefit from seeing how colour works for each other as well as yourselves, and share a very enjoyable experience.  We also offer 1 to 1 sessions which are perfect if you’d prefer more individual attention or are short of time. 1to1 sessions are also ideal if you want to combine your session with another service e.g. a style consultation.

4. Special Offer : add a make-up skills lesson for only £30 more per person, and save £29 on the usual cost.

A combined colour and make-up session covers all of the above plus proven, step-by-step techniques to achieve a range of looks from natural to party. Click here for more details on make-up skills sessions.

5. Cost and Time

£195 for an exclusive 1to1 session (around 2 hours)
£225 combined with makeup lesson (up to 3 hours)

£155 each when 2 or more book together (around 3 hours)
£185 each, combined with make-up lesson (timing depends upon numbers)

Longer sessions can include lunch. Supplements may apply for weekend sessions.

Ask about prices and options for larger groups and colour analysis workshops. Why not book for a special event e.g. hen “do” or birthday celebration, and include lunch and fizz?Prefer colour analysis at your home? Home visits also available – just ask for prices.

6. What we won’t do….

We value the trust you place in us and seek to be transparent in our pricing and how we work. We will not book you into a group with other people you do not know, unlike some other companies.

7. Where next?

  • Find out more about our ethos and how we work under the About Us button at the top of the page.
  • Have a look at Style

Top Tip Women

Want an easy way to add some extra style to how you dress every day?
  • Always remember the finishing touches when putting your outfit together!
  • Some make-up to enhance your own colouring, a few well chosen accessories that reflect your personal taste, and a good hairstyle that suits your face shape.
  • Do it every day, not just when you're dressed up for a special occasion.
It's easy finishing touches like this that can make all the difference between looking OK and looking fabulous!