Studio One

A good hairstyle works wonders!

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Feeling fed up with your hair?

Still not found a good hairdresser?

Not sure about what suits your face shape?

Want expert advice on how to keep your hair looking fabulous after you’ve got home?


With over seventeen years of London hairdressing experience, Lisa Chapman is passionate about giving you beautiful hair that fits your look, lifestyle and needs.

You will start with a personal consultation and she will finish with showing you how to maintain your hair at home, with minimum fuss, appropriate products and easy management.

Studio One is an exclusive salon next to the True Colours Studio.
It’s a place to retreat in Broomhill.

Phone Studio One on 07790 004601

Top Tip Women

Want an easy way to add some extra style to how you dress every day?
  • Always remember the finishing touches when putting your outfit together!
  • Some make-up to enhance your own colouring, a few well chosen accessories that reflect your personal taste, and a good hairstyle that suits your face shape.
  • Do it every day, not just when you're dressed up for a special occasion.
It's easy finishing touches like this that can make all the difference between looking OK and looking fabulous!