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Have less clothes but more to wear!

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Wouldn’t you like a wardrobe of clothes that makes getting dressed a pleasure?

It’s easy, when we show you how…

We’ll come to your home and work with you to create the wardrobe you’ve always wanted – with clothes that suit you, work together, and cater for every occasion.

  • First, we discuss your lifestyle and budget.
  • Then we review your clothes: weed out unsuitable items, advise on alterations and suggest new outfits and combinations to make the most of what you already have.
  • Next, we identify the gaps and help you prioritise new items so that you know the right things to buy when you go shopping.
  • And finally, we show you the best ways to organise and care for your clothes.

“I’ve now got a much smaller wardrobe of clothes which really work together and getting dressed for all sorts of occasions is so much easier”.  Maria

You will save time, money and stress, have a smaller wardrobe of clothes but lots more to wear, and say goodbye to expensive mistakes and unworn clothes!

Cost and Time

Price: usually 3 hours, £60 per hour.

Now your wardrobe is sorted and you know what to wear, let’s go shopping.


Top Tip Women

Want an easy way to add some extra style to how you dress every day?
  • Always remember the finishing touches when putting your outfit together!
  • Some make-up to enhance your own colouring, a few well chosen accessories that reflect your personal taste, and a good hairstyle that suits your face shape.
  • Do it every day, not just when you're dressed up for a special occasion.
It's easy finishing touches like this that can make all the difference between looking OK and looking fabulous!